Increasing demand for engine sounds in Electric Vehicles


SoundRacer Electric Vehicle Sound Module EVSM-2The electric cars are much quieter than conventional cars are not only positive and a Swedish company is a world leader in providing products for the electronic engine sounds. Sound Racer now presents their modules that create engine noise in electric vehicles at IFA trade show in Berlin.


The silence of electric vehicles is highly appreciated by most drivers, passengers and people outside the vehicle. But in some situations a warning sound is required in order to increase safety for people in front of the vehicle. And many drivers actually appreciate the exciting sound of a powerful combustion engine when driving.

In these cases a simulated engine sound is a perfect solution. It can be switched on and off at will and the volume can be adjusted to an appropriate level for every situation.


In USA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act on July 7, 2011. These regulations are "the first major step towards regulations that will protect unsuspecting pedestrians and the visually-impaired from accidents involving hybrid and electric vehicles." They are favoring a sound that emulates an internal combustion vehicle and not allowing other confusing sounds like birds chirping, etc.


The SoundRacer technology is developed to give a realistic sound impression indicating if the vehicle is idling, accelerating, decelerating or cruising. The different sound characters and sound volume is determined from information about the actual speed of the vehicle.


Kenneth Palmestål: “ We have delivered sample components with the SoundRacer sound solution to two major car manufacturers and received very positive comments. Now we have inquiries from electric scooter manufacturers in Japan and China and a U.S. manufacturer of electric motors for electric vehicles.


These products will in the long term have a much greater potential than our FM Transmitter with engine sound that is an entertainment gadget for motor enthusiasts. With 100 000 SoundRacer now on the market and several engine sounds to offer we have a good experience in this field and look forward to develop new sound solutions together with electric vehicle manufacturers.”

For more information contact Kenneth Palmestål at IFA 2012, Hall 28, Booth 265



SoundRacer is a Swedish invention with a range of products for experiencing cool engine sounds in your ordinary car. The products are currently sold in more than 30 countries and has sold more than 100,000 units.



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