SoundRacer retailer information


New retailer

As soon as you have ordered SoundRacer from one of our distributors (or in some cases, directly from us)  you can be listed on our Retailer page.

Just fill in our contact form with your company name and the web address to your SoundRacer web page.
It will make it easy for all customers in your area to find out where they can buy a SoundRacer.

(please include the name of your SoundRacer supplier, for our information)


Important! Be sure to inform your customers of the SoundRacer Listed Cars. That will help them to find out if SoundRacer works on their car or not. You find the list under User Area.

Here you can find pdf files that you can add to your website: Word list pdf  or text list pdf
You can also include a link to this page on your website:  (not updated for a while)

Help us to improve the list! As soon as you or your customers have used SoundRacer in a car that is not on the list, we appreciate if you fill in our contact form with the car make, model, engine type and year, thanks.


Production, deliveries and stock

Here we will try to give updated information about the stock situation.



All models in stock. But it is a good idea to pre-order for delivery in November so that we can plan production volume for the Christmas sales.








During the years we have relied on YouTube videos from us, Internet magazines and customers to spread the word about SoundRacer. And of course local marketing by you retailers.

Sometimes it has been great results, like early 2010 when the Gizmag video caused a global sales increase and summer 2016 with the French NRJ videos.


We see that as a proof that also other types of marketing should be worth to invest in so as soon as we have a solid production up and running and all orders are delivered we will begin to advertise in places like Google and Facebook.


This can be done in selected areas and if you want to cooperate with us just send an email to and we can work out the details.


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