Gizmag SoundRacer revue

Great revue and video! Video also on YouTube.


Gizmag turns 10!

and writes "The Soundracer V8 - gadget of the decade?"
... "This hilarious piece of hardware was set upon by Gizmag's Loz Blain in what became one of our most popular ever video reviews." Thanks Gizmag for the appreciation!


Tesla winner in eLeMans 2012

Göteborg City Arena 27 september 2012





This hilarious motor show have still not presented SoundRacer in the program, strange!


GR8 Experience: Drive a Ferrari in Sweden!

Finally I have had the great pleasure to drive the real thing, a Ferrari!

This time only the shortest trip, very affordable, but still a very nice feeling.


Gran Turismo Nurburgring 2012

What an awesome event! Must be one of the very best motoring experiences one can have. 
Wish I had sold a million SoundRacer by now:)
2-6 April 2012 @ Nurburgring

Your Car of the Day

searches out the hippest, kookiest, most sublime and outrageous automotive moments ever captured on the Internet and beyond and then delivers them in a free daily email to enrolled members.


BMW "copies" SoundRacer!

BMW also found out that synchronized engine sound in the car stereo

makes it more fun to drive! 

2012 M5 Uses BMW Active Sound Design To Enhance Cabin Sound


NeverStop RACING

är ett events-, promotions-, marknadsförings-, reklam- och varumärkeföretag som använder
motorsport som sitt medium.



A very well informed site about SAAB cars.
SAAB fans all over the world are hoping for a solution!


Vintage Motorsport

The Journal of Motor Racing History

Exciting engine sound ring tones for your mobile 


The new SAAB 9-5 2010

A new excellent car from Trollhättan, Sweden

ROC Race of Champions 2009 

The Swedish driver Mattias Ekström won the the Race of Champions 2009 in Beijing after beating Michael Schumacher in the final for a second time. 


Sports Car engine sound exciting for women

London, UK (2 September 2008): New clinical research released today proves that the sound of a luxury car engine appeals to our primal instincts, surprisingly more so for women, even if they claim to have no interest in cars. 


MOTORHEADS  South Africa

A great motoring site by Publisher & Designer Heide-Marie van der Au



A Swedish TV program about exciting Gran Turismo cars and more

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