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NOTE 1! If your SoundRacer X has problems to load sounds from the MicroSD card then download new files here at

SoundRacer X missing sound files


NOTE 2! For questions and reports about how SoundRacer Car FM Transmitter works in you car, please use this form

NOTE 3! For Android app questions, please send email to If you use this form for app questions it may take longer time to get an answer.

If you want to know where to buy SoundRacer in your country, please check this page
We update the list as soon as we get information about a new retailer.

If you want to know if SoundRacer works in your car just check the car list under User area
We have no other information.

If you have any other questions regarding our products or want to become a reseller or distributor, please use our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We receive many questions so it may take some days.   
Privacy policy: We will never share any information that you enter in the form with other companies, organisations or individuals. We may send you information about our SoundRacer products or services but not more than a couple of emails/year.    

Please write in ENGLISH or SWEDISH!

Data Protection Policy

Personal contact information that is put out of free will e.g. in emails, text messages, telephone calls or talks to SoundRacer AB, may be saved as contact data and used for the purpose of establishing contact.

We respect your privacy and don't share any collected personal data.

Users have the Right to be Forgotten, and by sending us a corresponding wish in the form below we can delete personal data for further use.


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