Gumball 3000 crews gears up with SoundRacer


Gumball 3000Gumball 3000 is a fantastic motor racing event with a lot of fans all around the world. We are great fans also here at SoundRacer and that is the reason we will gear up all this year’s crews with their own SoundRacer. With the help of SoundRacer we hope that the crews will have even more fun racing around Europe.


Gumball 3000 is a great motor racing event where lots of exotic cars with cool drivers race around the world. This year the start of the race is in London and the finish is Istanbul. We are very happy to announce that this year every Gumball team gets their own SoundRacer V8 or V12. We believe that everyone can appreciate a great gadget and especially open minded people like the participants in Gumball 3000.

Most of the cars in Gumball 3000 has impressive motors that probably have even better sound than SoundRacer, but wouldn’t it be cool to change the sound of a V8 engine to the sound of a V12 or vice versa?

SoundRacer is a Swedish invention that lets the average car driver enjoy the exciting sounds of a Shelby V8, Lamborghini V10 or Ferrari V12 engine just by plugging in the inexpensive gadget into the 12V “cigarette lighter” socket in his or her car. SoundRacer can also be used as a regular FM transmitter, playing favorite music from the mobile phone or MP3 player through the car stereo. This combination has earned SoundRacer international recognition which hundreds of videos and millions of views on YouTube are a proof of.

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