Second chance to buy a
Lexus LFA (almost)


SoundRacer V10J video previewIf you for wanted to spend $375,000 on a Lexus LFA but did not get on the waiting list we have the thing for you - an ingenious gadget with LFA engine sound.


Lexus LFA is an awesome sports car with super performance but also a very limited production. Only 500 hand-assembled cars will be delivered to a lucky few, and all cars are already sold.


The LFA sound is so special that the Lexus engineers call it the “roar of an angel” and if you are eager to hear the fine tuned V10 engine “roar” in your own car there is a way.


The new SoundRacer V10J will let you experience the sound for less than $50. All you need to do is to plug it into the 12V/cigarette lighter socket, turn up the car radio volume and do a quick sync with the rpm.


SoundRacer is a fun gadget for car lovers. It reads the engine rpm from the alternator pulses in the 12V socket and gives you the illusion of driving the real thing (at least sound wise). Watch the video to see a quick demo and visit for more info.

Check out the video and visit for more information.



SoundRacer is a Swedish invention with a range of products for experiencing cool engine sounds in your ordinary car. The products are currently sold in more than 30 countries and has sold more than 100,000 units.



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