SoundRacer for Electric Vehicles


SoundRacer EV sound products are presented on our EV sound website  


There you can read about our products for:

Electric and hybrid vehicles warning sound, AVAS Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System


Electric vehicle enhanced driving experience engine sounds



For questions about our products for sound to electric vehicles and AVAS, please go here


Our Electric Vehicle Electronic Engine Sound Systems can be used in all types of electric and hybrid vehicles. Genuine professional recordings of cars, trucks and motorcycles are used in order to produce highly realistic sounds that gives the best warning effect in AVAS applications while introducing less disturbing noice in the traffic environment.. 


Information packages for download:

MicroSD content. User Manual, sound files and other material for the sound module Zip file 15MB    DOWNLOAD

AVAS and UNECE Reg10 test reports, manufacturers ISO certifications Zip file 3MB DOWNLOAD


Here is a large selection of .wav files made for SoundRacer by professional sound designers or SoundRacer customers. 

Download wav zip 9,9MB

They are free to use in the electric vehicle sound module EVSMA-1

List of sounds:

wav files

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