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NOTE! The SoundRacer Android apps needs to be updated and are currently removed from Google Play. (2020-05-21)


Now you can get the SoundRacer sounds in your smartphone.
With the OBDII Android app you can even have all our exciting engine sounds in your car, following the car engine RPM just as with the SoundRacer! 





It is a really cool feeling to hear the exciting engine sounds follow the engine speed when driving a ordinary family car!

This requires a so-called OBDII (OBD2) adapter that connects to the diagnostic connector found in all modern cars. The adapter transmits vehicle data via Bluetooth to a smartphone and is very popular among car enthusiasts, for example, the app Torque  with over 10 000 000 downloads. 

A common model of adapter is called ELM327 and can be bought on eBay and other places.

The app is currently compatible with version 1.5, the newer version 2.1 seems not work well with the app.


The OBD-II app experience is as fun and exciting as driving a car with a real SoundRacer product but there are a couple of differences:
One feature in the app is that you can change the ratio between the engine rpm and the sound rpm. If, for example, you are driving a low rpm diesel it can be set so that engine sound goes on 6000 rpm when the car engine is doing 2500 rpm.  
The sound and rpm following in the app is depending on the OBD-II adapter and phone performance and may be different than in the SoundRacer FM transmitter. 


You get these five exciting engine sounds:


  • Shelby V8
  • Lamborghini V10
  • Ferrari V12
  • Lexus LFA V10
  • Classic American V-Twin motorcycle


The apps are available at Google Play. Choose between the ad supported free version and the full OBD-II version


The free version gives you access to manual and automatic driving mode.

In the paid version you will get access to all driving modes, including the OBDII. The ads will also be removed when you purchase the full app.



Lexus V10 Automatic Paddles


Google Play



SoundRacer OBDII Engine Sounds

SoundRacer AB

2,99 USD



SoundRacer Free Engine Sounds

SoundRacer AB





If you have any questions please check you our Q&A section for the SoundRacer Engine Sounds app on Android.


The SoundRacer apps are developed together with Appagonia.


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