The Making of SoundRacer


The great musician Herbert von Karajan once told Enzo Ferrari that his V12 engines produced "a burst of harmony no conductor could ever recreate".

 "A burst of harmony no conductor could ever recreate"

The sound of engine and exhaust is a vital part of the experience when driving a car. Comfort and environmental requirements, however, has led to an almost complete suppression of these sounds.

Kenneth Palmestål, with a long time interest in car racing and a professional background in computers, electronics and innovation, investigated ways to regain that exciting experience without interfering with those requirements. He finally came up with the idea to combine a Car FM Transmitter for MP3 players with an electronic chip that could detect the engine speed and produce a convincing, racing tuned, engine sound to be reproduced in the car audio system.

It took a team of consultants and Kenneth Palmestål several months of development, testing and adjustments to reach the goals for function, design and sound quality that was set for the project.

The unique and attractive housing was developed by designer Karolina AdolfssonFyratimmar.

Sound Designer Greg Hill, Soundwave Concepts, provides the professionally recorded genuine engine sounds.

Software and hardware development by Anders Hermansson 


The first public presentation of SoundRacer was made with four working prototypes at the Consumer Electronic Show, CES, in Las Vegas USA, only three months after the company was founded and development started.

It created a lot of publicity on Internet and in newspapers and magazines resulting orders from distributors and retailers.


Finally, only eight months from start, production was running and the market introduction could take place at the most famous endurance race in the world, 24 Hours of Le Mans.




Yellow Ferrari

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