SoundRacer V12

with real engine sound recorded from a Ferrari V12

Ferrari is probably the most admired car make in the world. It´s long history of producing fantastic cars for the road as well for the racing track is truly fascinating.

Almost sold out but the sound is included in the SoundRacer X

SoundRacer V12 with Ferrari 512 sound

The great musician Herbert von Karajan once told Enzo Ferrari that his V12 engines produced "a burst of harmony no conductor could ever recreate". The V12 engine is somewhat of a second trademark for Ferrari and the V12 sound is awesome.


Now, thanks to SoundRacer, you can hear this harmony in your own car! 


V12 product

Ingenious device

SoundRacer let you experience the super sports car engine sound in your ordinary car in an easy and affordable way.


Perfect gift

SoundRacer is the perfect novelty gift for any car enthusiast that has it all, easy to use and compatible with most cars on the market.


Gift box smallFM transmitter with AUX in

You can also use SoundRacer to listen to music from your mobile phone or MP3 player.


Just use the included line-in cable and connect the SoundRacer to the headphone connector on the music player.


SoundRacer V12 video preview

SoundRacer V12 specs

Built–in FM transmitter with LED display

Frequency range: 88,1 to 107,9 MHz


3,5 mm AUX in (cable included).

Power supply: 12V/24V from cigarette lighter socket. Current consumption max 50mA. Fuse 100 mA.


CE, FCC and RoHS certified

The simulated backfires heard in this video is now removed from the sound at customers request

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Does it work in my car? SoundRacer works in most cars (gas, diesel, manual and automatic) but it is a good idea to check our list of tested cars before purchase.

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