After 150 000 sold "single engine" SoundRacer V, we proudly presented

The multi engine SoundRacer X!

SoundRacer X MicroSD side

with real engine sounds recorded from five amazing cars:

Shelby Mustang V8, Lamborghini V10, Lexus LFA V10, Ferrari V12, Porsche 911 GT3 

and two great motorcycles:

Harley-Davidson V-Twin and Suzuki GSX


All the virtual engine sounds are ready to play, just press the SOUND button on the SoundRacer X front and the next sound will be heard in a few seconds!



Watch the video here   Buy the SoundRacer X here 




MicroSD with adapter


The sounds are stored on a MicroSD card

More sounds can be added, see page Sounds.






SoundRacer X AUX sideFM transmitter with AUX in

You can also use SoundRacer to listen to music from your mobile phone or MP3 player. Frequency range: 88,1 to 107,9 MHz


Just use the included line-in cable and connect the SoundRacer to the headphone connector on the music player. Set the AUX switch to IN.




AUX out

If your car has AUX input you can use the included cable and connect SoundRacer X directly to the car audio system.

This function is valuable in areas with many radio stations where it is difficult to find a free frequency for the engine sounds.



USB charger 1000mA

SoundRacer X can charge your phone or tablet!


Technical specifications:


1000mA USB charger function.


3,5 mm AUX in/out (cable included).

Power supply:12V from 21mm (cigarette lighter) socket.


CE, FCC and RoHS certified


Patent protected in USA and other countries.


Engine sound enthusiasts!

Now you can get your favorite engine sounds in your own car. With recordings of idling, acceleration and deceleration sounds you can make your own sound files for SoundRacer X with the Windows program included on the MicroSD card. The file format is the same as for our electric vehicle sound module and users have made sounds like steam train, starship and turbine! More info in the User Manual


Perfect gift

SoundRacer is the perfect novelty gift for any car owner, easy to use and compatible with most cars on the market.


Easy 1-2-3 setup


1. Plug in the SoundRacer in the car 12V (cig lighter) socket available in all cars.


2. Find a free FM frequency on the car stereo and set the SoundRacer to the same frequency. You can also connect directly to the radio AUX input if available in your car, cable is included. The sound of an idling engine is heard from the car speakers


3. Start engine and make a short revv to about 3000 rpm and down. Three beeps will  indicate that SoundRacer have synchronized with the car engine rpm.


Now you are ready to go!



SoundRacer X User Manuals English Japanese Multilanguage

Images of SoundRacer X can be found in this gallery

Designed by Chain Design & Production Ltd., Hong Kong


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Does it work in my car? SoundRacer works in most cars (gas, diesel, manual and automatic) but it is a good idea to check our list of tested cars before purchase.


For electric cars, motorcycles and other electric vehicles, also hybrid, we have developed the Electric Vehicle Sound Module with Amplifier, EVSMA-1. See  

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