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SoundRacer works fine in almost all cars: Gasoline, diesel, flexifuel, manual, automatic but not in hybrids and electric vehicles (see for these). 


What if my SoundRacer does not follow the rpm of the car?

This is probably due to too small pulses from the alternator on the 12V system. Try to increase the alternator load by applying rear window defroster, seat heater, headlights etc. More info in Troubleshooting


The sound is low and there is a lot of noise. Why is that?

This is due to a weak FM reception. This can be caused by setting the SoundRacer on a frequency too close to a radio station (this is mostly an issue on older FM radios). Choose a frequency without radio stations nearby. On SoundRacer V10J (and V8, V10 and V12 manufactured after October 2012) you can connect to the AUX input on the car, avoiding problem with the FM reception. The new SoundRacer X has a switch for selecting AUX IN or OUT.


What fuse can I use in SoundRacer

You can use any 5x20 mm fast acting glass fuse from 100mA to 2A.
SoundRacer X has an automatic recovery fuse component.


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