BMW Listed Cars

Have you used SoundRacer in a car not in our list? Fill in the form here and help us get the list more complete. If you do not see your car in the SoundRacer Listed Cars don´t worry! SoundRacer can still work perfectly well in your car, it has just not yet been reported or tested.


List of models that we have received positive user reports about.


BMW 318

BMW 320d 2.0 TDI 6 speed MT 2010

BMW 325 E30

BMW 325i E46 2003 MT

BMW 328 TDI 2006

BMW 330d 2000

BMW 525i E61 2006
BMW 530d

BMW 530i 2005

BMW 535d

BMW X1 20d AT 2010

BMW Z3 2.8 1998


On the following models a low signal level and/or a high level of electrical noise has caused problems for SoundRacer to perform satisfactory. Some car models can be reported both to work well and to have problems. The reason can be differenses in the electrical system on different versions.

In some problem cars it can help by adding electric load on alternator by switching on headlights, seat heaters or rear window defroster, see page Troubleshooting  


BMW 118d

BMW 120i f20 LCI2 2019

BMW 3series 2.0i saloon auto 2013 

BMW 318i 2006

BMW 320d convertible 2009

BMW 325 2009

BMW 328 wagon 2007

BMW 520d auto 2014

BMW 525i AT 2004

BMW 530d GT 2010

BMW 735i 2002 

BMW 750i

BMW E93 LCI 2.0 diesel 2012
BMW M3 E90 2008
BMW Z4 2.5i 2006

BMW X3 2.0D AT 2012

BMW X5 2013 4.0 diesel

BMW X5 2015

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